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As your Alabama State House representative, I will ensure that everyone has a stake in the progress being made in District 56 and that initiatives do not displace nor disrupt long-term residents.

To build a more equitable community that meets the needs of all residents we must:

  • Ensure that District 56 gets its fair share of road and infrastructure improvement dollars

  • Mandate  inclusivity and diversity in community development projects

  • Eliminate food deserts and improve accessibility to healthy food options

Stressed Woman




We can’t develop our district without addressing and providing resources for mental health. Poor mental health leads to poor academic performance, substance abuse, and even suicide. We must prioritize the mental health of our residents and provide safe places for people to receive the help they need.

 To secure the mental health resources needed in District 56 we must:  

  • Advocate for legislative efforts that prioritize mental health specialists in schools and workplaces

  • Expand Medicaid to give Alabamians the resources they need to protect their mental health

  • Work with the Alabama State Department of Health to expand programs aimed at improving mental health 

  • Expand training Mental health training for law enforcement and increase resources/allocations for law enforcement to receive mental health

Computer Class



All children deserve access to an exceptional education. Unfortunately, the quality of education our children receive is largely dependent on the zip code they live in. To change this reality we must work with district  superintendents, school boards, and parents to gather and address gaps in education.

To improve our children’s education we must:  


  • Increase educational funding to equip our teachers with the tools and resources they need to properly educate our children. 

  • Implement programs and initiatives that adequately measure literacy and knowledge retention. 

  • Increase funding for Alabama’s Pre-K program 

  • Bring electives and other “life skill” andor/ trades to middle school and high school 

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